About Director

Hyeon A Ji,   

Director of NKHM
North Korean Writer

Everyone has the right to freedom.
No one can take away this freedom.

North Korea, the other half of the Korean peninsula, which is the only divided country on earth, has lost the freedom we enjoy to the Kim family and is suffering from all kids of persecution.

I hope that many people will correctly know about and be interested in North Korean human rights through the North Korean Holocaust Museum built to remember and never forget this. As president of the museum and a North Korean defector whose hometown is in North Korea, I will not remain silent about the suffering of the North Korean people.

I will give my best efforts to the North Korean Holocaust Museum that needs your attention and prayers.

Eunsoo Seoi,  

Director of NKHM 
CEO of One New Man Family

Since I couldn't just wait and see the pain of our families in North Korea, I have come to take the lead in establishing the North Korea Holocaust Museum in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, to inform the plight of human rights in North Korea.

If you go to Israel's capital, Jerusalem, you can visit a museum called 'Yad Vashem.' It is a museum dedicated to commemorating the 6 million Jewish victims killed by the Nazis.

In front of the Yad Vashem, this phrase is written:

'Forgive, But Never Forget.'

I hope that the North Korea Holocaust Museum with such a purpose will be established in Seoul, not to repeat the history of tragedies like the Holocaust in North Korea.